Completed Work


The Ashley Hall Centennial

Dockview produced this half-hour documentary for Ashley Hall School for its Centennial celebration.

The following was written by Jill Muti, Ashley Hall's Head of School:

"The Ashley Hall Centennial documentary was originally conceived as a simple commemorative overview of the school's 100-year history, a Centennial souvenir for alumnae.  We selected Dockview Productions for both its successful track record on similar productions and for the excellent collaboration we enjoyed with producer Mike Eberly on a previous project.

After a thorough review of our initial objectives for the video, Mike astutely pointed out the missed strategic marketing opportunities in our approach.  Under Mike's skillful direction, our documentary theme morphed from a plodding timeline-based narrative with narrow application and limited life-span into an entertaining and timeless celebration of the enduring values that are the hallmarks of the school's success.

The documentary was the featured centerpiece of our entire Centennial Celebration, staged on widescreen and premiering to universal acclaim on the 100th anniversary of the school's opening.  It generated immediate, positive buzz for the school and brisk sales with alumnae.  Viewers of all ages were deeply touched by the production.  Equally significant for us, the documentary has proved a highly effective tool in our endowment fundraising campaign, compelling potential donors in ways that no print or PowerPoint presentation ever achieved.  It has also proven highly effective in our student recruiting efforts, impressing both prospective students and their parents, two audiences that are rarely interested in the same things!

Throughout the entire production process, we were impressed by how well Mike "got" Ashley Hall and anticipated our needs.  He achieved this through painstaking research and preparation and through a welcoming approach to our involvement in every phase of the project.  His transparent, collaborative method inspired great confidence in his level of technical accomplishment as well as his storytelling acumen.  In brief, Dockview achieved our wildest dreams for the documentary, and it was done on schedule and on budget.  It just doesn't get any better than that!"




Charleston Digital Corridor

Dockview was asked by the Charleston Digital Corridor to produce a video series to highlight the growth of Charleston's tech economy.